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Amber Electrical Services Inc is the leading provider of residential electric services in Miami FL, illuminating numerous homes with devotion to perfection. In a city pulsating with energy, our electricians stand as guardians, addressing the unique challenges of electrical systems. Recognizing the vital role of professional residential electrical services Miami in safeguarding homes, we bring expertise in electrical services, lighting fixtures and equipment, and electrical connections. Our skilled team, dedicated to safety and quality, ensures wiring your home with the utmost expertise. From routine electrical maintenance to intricate installations, we provide a comprehensive suite of electrician services tailored to your residential needs. 

Choosing Amber Electrical Services Inc goes beyond addressing challenges – it’s a commitment to a brighter, safer, and more efficient home. Experience the benefits of our services, from expert electricians ensuring your safety to stunning lighting solutions that transform your space.


Our Mission

To illuminate your precious lives and homes with reliable and best residential electric services in Miami FL, and stay dominant as the beacon of excellence.


Our Vision

To redefine the electric landscape as the leading home electricians in Miami FL, making brilliance a way of life and setting the bar in electrical expertise.

Critical Electrical Techniques for Safety and Reliability

Our techniques adhere to established electric code compliance and regulations, ensuring the highest safety standards:

  • Voltage optimization is a critical aspect focusing on efficient electrical power usage to enhance system performance and reduce energy consumption.
  • In electrical repairs, we address issues that may compromise the safety and reliability of an electrical system. Our technicians use diagnostic tools to identify and rectify faults for seamless component integration with the property’s infrastructure.
  • Our electricians adhere to wiring diagrams and ensure proper termination of wires and connections.

We also consider the installation of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets in areas with a high probability of moisture.

Troubleshooting and Resolving Electrical Issues: Our Process

Our process begins with thorough electrical consulting, where our experts engage with clients to understand their unique needs and concerns.

  • Next, our skilled electricians begin the journey of electrical troubleshooting, identifying any existing issues or potential challenges within the system.
  • After a comprehensive understanding, we move on to necessary tasks, such as circuit installations, repairs, etc., ensuring robust connections complying with established regulations.
  • Power distribution follows suit, in which we optimize distribution systems for efficiency and reliability, contributing to an overall robust electrical infrastructure.

We conclude with final electrical inspections to ensure the sustained performance of your electrical systems.

Miami Residential Electric Services

Amber Electrical Services Inc is the unparalleled choice for residential electric services in Miami Florida, among homeowners. Our team of skilled electricians has strong proficiency, ensuring precise and safe electrical systems. With a focus on safety and efficiency, we utilize the latest techniques and stick to the uppermost safety protocols. Clients benefit from our personalized solutions, transparent communication, and prompt service. As a company of certified professionals, Amber Electrical instills confidence, providing reliable and durable electrical solutions that meet your unique requirements. Hire us if you want practical and lasting electrical benefits.

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Experience the spark of our reliable residential electric services in Miami Florida, tailored to meet your residential needs. Our knowledgeable electricians make sure your home's wiring is secure.

Lighting Fixtures & Equipment

Transform your living space with top lighting fixtures and equipment. We offer the ideal option to illuminate your house, whether you're searching for statement pieces or ambient lighting.

Electrical Connections

We specialize in flawless electrical connections, ensuring your home runs smoothly. Trust us, from installations to repairs, to keep your power flowing without a glitch.
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In such cases, unplugging unnecessary appliances, avoiding using high-wattage devices, and hiring our electrician to diagnose and fix the issue are necessary.

You should keep water away from electrical devices, avoid overloading outlets, use surge protectors, and regularly test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Consider installing surge protectors or high-quality backup generators to protect your home. These measures will provide temporary power during outages.

Your lights could flicker due to a loose bulb or a fixture problem. However, if the issue persists, it can be a significant problem like a faulty wiring connection, overloaded circuit, etc.

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Count on us for trusted electric services that streamline your daily routine. We put protection and value above everything else, so many homeowners prefer hiring us.

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Our team of experienced electricians brings knowledge to meet your home's minor to significant electrical needs with accuracy and skill like no other.

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