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Lighting Fixture Services in Hollywood FL

Amber Electrical Services Inc is a premier choice for lighting fixture services in Hollywood FL. With years of experience under our belts, our team of certified electricians is dedicated to illuminating your spaces in the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing ways possible. Recognizing that each client has different needs, we specialize in diverse lighting solutions, from sophisticated ambient lighting to practical task lighting, ensuring that every corner of your home shines brightly and aligns with your vision and functionality requirements.

Beyond lighting, we offer specialized electrical services, addressing common issues like outdated wiring, safety concerns, and the desire for energy efficiency. Our expertise extends to installing smart home systems, electrical panel upgrades, and emergency repairs, ensuring that we’re your one-stop shop for all your electrical needs. Trust us to bring light to your life with professionalism, quality, and a touch of brilliance.


Our Mission

To transform spaces with modern lighting fixture services in Hollywood FL, providing innovative, energy-efficient lighting solutions that enhance aesthetics and functionality for every home.


Our Vision

To be the leading provider of lighting fixtures in Hollywood Florida, inspiring communities through sustainable, creative, and cutting-edge lighting designs that illuminate the future.

Innovative Lighting Solutions: How We Brighten Up Spaces

We blend the latest techniques and a collaborative approach to solve your lighting needs.

  • Our team stays up-to-date with the newest lighting installation and repair methods, ensuring your spaces are lit beautifully and efficiently.
  • Common issues like flickering lights, outdated fixtures, or inefficient lighting are no match for our expertise.
  • We use top tools and techniques to enhance your space, such as energy-saving LED upgrades and smart lighting systems.

We customize our services to meet your needs, ensuring every project has a unique and efficient lighting solution.

Brightening Your World: Our Step-by-Step Lighting Installation Process

We ensure every lighting project shines from start to finish:

  • Initial Talks: We begin with a detailed conversation about your vision and needs.
  • Inspection: Our team carefully checks your area to find the best lights.
  • Design: We make a special lighting plan that fits what you like and need.
  • Installation: Our skilled workers use modern tools and methods to install your new lights quickly.
  • Final Check: We perform a comprehensive review to guarantee everything is perfectly lit and functioning.

We provide seamless, personalized lighting fixture services in Hollywood FL and promise total client satisfaction on every assignment.

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Is it a fuse that keeps blowing or needs someone to look at your wiring? Our skilled electricians have extensive hands-on experience in tackling any electrical challenge.

Lighting Fixtures & Equipment

Illuminate your house or add some flair with our lighting fixtures & equipment in Hollywood. We've got all sorts of lights – from ceiling fans to fancy lamps – to make your place look fantastic.

Electrical Connections

Do you need new outlets or have a complex setup in mind? We're experts at creating safe and efficient electrical connections that fulfill all your needs, no matter what they are.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Lights that turn on when they sense motion can keep away people you don’t want around, and lights for your yard can light up walkways, plants, and buildings, making your yard safer and more welcoming.

By changing the old electrical parts and fixing the wiring, we can keep your old lamp looking nice while ensuring it’s safe and works well.

We suggest using standing lamps and lights attached to the wall to add useful light layers that create a nice mood. We can plan a lighting setup that makes the most of your room.

Pick a light fixture about half to two-thirds as wide as your table. It should hang 30-34 inches above the table if your ceilings are 8 feet tall, with adjustments if your ceilings are higher.

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Safety Compliance Mastery

Our team adheres to and masters local and national electrical codes. We ensure your property is up to standard, protecting you from legal issues and ensuring your family's safety.

why choose us
Seamless Project Management

Our project management guarantees efficient handling of your electrical project. With only one point of contact for accountable and transparent communication, you can have a hassle-free experience.

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